Future Plan

Future Plans of the Institute: 

1. To procure clear title and ownership of the land wherein the College is situated so that no hardship in the matter of external funding appears;

2. To arrange for the accreditation of the institution as soon as possible so that external funding from difference sources may be brought in on a regular basis so as to tide over the crisis of financial resources;

3. To introduction of more combination with the existing subject;

4. To introduction different subjects from the science faculty so as to make the College a truly multidisciplinary in nature;

5.   To put more emphasis on ICT – Based Modern teaching learning system, e.g., implementation of LMS in teaching – learning system, application of Google class room, Smart Class Room etc. in addition to more traditional power-point based lecture sessions and video lecture sessions;

6. To introduce skill-based and value -added courses;

7. To initiate more intensive career counselling along with career path analysis of  the students for improve their employability in job market;

8. To upgrade extension services through already existing NSS units

9. To open NCC units in the College;

10. To organize on a more frequent basis seminars, symposia, workshops etc. for the development of teachers and students of the College;

11. Upgradation of Library Services in the College;

12. To procure land for own playground of the College;

13. To make arrangements for In-campus and Off- campus   Green practices;

14. To make arrangements for more comprehensive and effective e-learning programmes;

15. To enhance functioning of student-centric cells;

16. To explore possibilities of Industry – Academia collaboration;

17. To explore possibilities of Academic collaborations with neighboring colleges may be explored;

18. To explore possibilities of signing MOU with different organization in the matter concerning academia and employability;

19. To enhance provision of facilities for differently abled stakeholders of the College;

20. To explore possibilities of Hostel Facilities for the students in near future.