Rules and Regulations


Any person desirous of being a student of this College or any student of the College are to note the following rules and regulations of the College:

(1) Any candidate who absents himself/herself for 30 (thirty) consecutive working days without notice from the commencement of classes, his/her name will be struck off from the register. No further correspondence will be entertained in this regard;

(2) Regular attendance in the classes is mandatory. (The students failing to have at least 75% attendance as per university rules are debarred from appearing in end semester examinations);

(3) The students must conform to the rules and disciplines of the College to promote peaceful academic environment in the College;

(4) Students must show Identity Card provided by the College and hang the Identity Card around the neck during their entire stay inside the College campus;

(5) Students must desist from ill practices / malpractices / evil practices of any sort including indulging in ragging and / or sexual harassment of any sort inside and in the immediate vicinity of the College campus;

(6) Students must desist from consumption of tobacco of any sort or form and / or of any banned substances in any form including alcoholic liquor for human consumption inside and in the immediate vicinity of College campus;

(7)  Students will be subjected to disciplinary and / or legal action for destruction or damage of any sort caused to any property, movable or immovable, of the College or for any action or activity causing or leading to such damage or destruction;

(8) Students must maintain discipline inside and in the immediate vicinity of the College campus all the time;

(9) Students must pay fees and other dues including charges and fees determined by and payable to the affiliating University or other competent authorities in due time. Due time will mean time specified by the College authorities, affiliating University or any other competent authorities, as the case may be. Students are to go through and understand the fees structure of the College completely and in minute details. Reduction of fees and other dues at any point of time will not be the subject matter of any demand from the students;

Taking admission into and continuing with the studentship in the College will automatically bind the student to obey all the rules and regulations mentioned herein. Disobeying and / or showing or causing intention to disobey these rules and regulations and / or general rules and regulations not mentioned herein but are applicable to any academic institution will subject the student to disciplinary and / or legal actions summarily or otherwise by the College authorities.