(1) The average age of the faculty is on the lower side which ensures more energy and contemporary ideas instilled in the teaching-learning process;

(2) A good proportion of full time teachers (about 50%) are having doctorate qualification which ensures more quality and inquisitiveness in the teaching-learning process;

(3) A good number of full time and permanent non-teaching staff members which ensures efficient office management and administration;

(4) Wi-Fi enabled campus for all in the College;

(5) Consistent good result of the students;

(6) Excellent ambiance for cultural aspects;

(7) Good continuous internal evaluation system of the students;


(1) Only arts faculties with five traditional Honours Departments;

(2) Absence of own playground for outdoor sports and games;

(3) Absence of Hostel Facilities for students and Accommodation for Staff Members who are to commute on a daily basis;

(4) Acute shortage of funds as the College is a new one and it had to procure land and build infrastructure mainly depending upon its own source of fund;

(5) Absence of ecosystem for innovation and incubation;

(6) Absence of skill development courses;

(7) Limited facilities for differently abled stakeholders of the College;

(8) Absence of Green Audit so far.


(1) Excellent rail and road connectivity by means of access to nearby railway station and central bus stand (both are within half kilometer distance from the College;

(2) Supportive policy – making mechanism via presence of highly committed members in Governing Body;

(3) Supportive approach of the local public representatives by means of provision of funds in the route of BEUP, PUP etc.;


(1) Situation of the College in economically backward Jungle Mahal;

(2) Shortage of space and infrastructure to house more departments especially in science courses;

(3) Problems with the ownership and title of land wherein the College is now situated;

(4) Inability to design and implement new programmes due to lack of funding, internal and external;

(5) Lack of placement assistance;

(6) Underdeveloped library infrastructure.