Department of English

Subject Overview: English

The 6 semester CBCS course in English provides the students with opportunities and methods to further develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and thinking in English. Students will develop a deeper appreciation for the English language and literature, and develop their fluency and flexibility in all areas of communication. Students will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate different genres like poetry, short stories, drama and novel (both originally in English and translations from world literature), and will develop their ability to interpret, respond to and evaluate the literature provided during the course. They will also have access to other areas of knowledge related to skill and abilities enhancement such soft skills, creative writing, ELT and technical writing.

About the Department

…Always striving for excellence and all-round development with a great student-teacher bonding…

Mission and Vision of the Department

1) To empower the youth of the locality with knowledge towards the achievement of self-reliance and a better future.

2) To develop students into conscious human beings – intelligent, sensitive, socially aware and empathetic to fellow beings and environment.

Year of Establishment: UG  Pass -  2008       

                                               : UG Honours -  2009

Names of Programmes / Courses offered: UG

Details of Infrastructural facilities

1) Three dedicated Classrooms

2) Rich Departmental Library, Number of books / Journals-…….

3) Class Rooms with ICT facility

4) Internet facilities for staff & students


Teaching Methods

1) Classroom Lectures

2) Group Discussions

3) Audio Visual

4) Student’s Seminars

5) Project Work

6) Special Lectures by eminent teachers of different Universities and Colleges


Method of Evaluation

The department follows the continuous system for evaluation of the students through internal examinations and University Examination.


Special Activities

1) Wall Magazine: Students of the department submit interesting articles related to their syllabus for the purpose of Wall Magazine.

2) Fresher’s Welcome & Farewell: Second year & Third year Honours student’s organise Fresher’s Welcome for the new entrants and First year & Second year Honours student’s organise Farewell for 3rd year students every year.

3) Educational Tours: Educational tours are arranged periodically.

4) Special Lectures: Eminent academicians are invited by the department to deliver special lectures.

5) Students’ Seminar: The students of the department are also encouraged to give seminar presentations from time to time.

6) Participation in inter-college Youth Parliament competition.


Future plan of the Department

  • Advanced use of sophisticated ICT technology in teaching & learning process.
  • Making the teaching-learning course of action more interactive by organizing departmental seminar frequently.
  • Department wants to organize students’ Reunion in every two or three years.
  • The department plans to upgrade the existing departmental library.
  • To encourage the students the department plans to reward the students who get 8.0 grade and above marks in their final University Exam.
  • Considering needs of the present generation we have to adopt technologies to reach in the newer height so that our students can cope-up with other students of various institutions under Vidyasagar University and abroad.
  • To create website through which we can impart lessons both to our students and to other interested people.

List of Faculty

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