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Welcome to Gourav Guin Memorial College

The District of Medinipur in West Bengal is a nesting place of genius. Here were born Khsudiram Basu & Matangini Hazra who inspired hundred and thousands of people to care a fig for life and smilingly sacrifices their lives for the sake of our Country’s Freedom. On the other hand here was born Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar who became a pioneer in the field of Education in a realm of ignorance and illiteracy, always being an inspiration and ideal for all of us for his innovating schemes in the area of Child Education as well as Adult Education.
Despite all the facts stated above, the District of Medinipur, particularly Paschim Medinipur, has remained an Educationally Backward Area (Jangal Mahal) because of its geographical location. It is a border area adjacent to Jharkhand where also the light of knowledge and culture is no enkindled in an adequate manner. That is why it is also designated as Educationally Backward District as the Gross Enrolment Ratio in this district is much lower than the National Average. The scenario hardly argues well for