The College is enriched with a scholarly faculty (See in Department Page). A set of highly motivated and expert teachers are involved in teaching and evaluation process some of whom are engaged in an active research work in projects sponsored by the UGC and other agencies. It is for this competent and sincere teaching staff that the college can boast of its regularity of taking classes, completion of syllabus in due time and above all, an excellent teacher-student rapport.

Special Classes & Counselling

It is a general practice of this college to take special classes for outgoing students after the Test Examination are over. I this class’s special care is taken about students who are lagging behind. Beside students have easy access to teachers throughout the year which help them to solve any academic problem faced by them. Apart from teaching in classroom teachers also take initiative for counselling the students regarding career. The college has its regular Career Counselling cell for this purpose.


Evaluation of the students are made on the basic of :

  • Internal Assessments
    Internal Assessments are regularly and seriously taken following the University schedule and students are given opportunity to discuss their performance with teachers after each assessments.
  • Test Examination
    Test Examination are a unique feature started by this college to prepare the students thoroughly for their final University examination. A great effect of this initiative has been seen in the good performance of the student of this college in the previous University Examinations.

Guarding Meetings

Apart from guardian meetings on the individual basic throughout the year, a department-wise Guardian Meeting is arranged every year after the Test Examinations where guardians have the opportunity to talk freely to the teachers about the overall performance of their sons / daughters on the basis of ‘Report Card’ handed to them.