General Instruction: Duties of the Student

The Student enrolled will have the ability by the following rules and regulations, failing which ones enrolment is liable to be cancelled.

  • Any candidate who absents himself / herself for 30(thirty) consecutive working days without notice from the commencement of classes, his / her name will be struck off from the register. No further correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
  • Regular Attendance in the class is mandatory. (The Student failing to have at least 75% attendance as per university rules are debarred from appearing in the final examination).
  • Payment of fees in due time.
  • Maintaining good conduct.
  • Maintaining discipline in the college campus.
  • Attending Annual sports meet, inert class competition, cultural competition and academic programmes organized by the college from time to time.

Anti –Ragging Policy

Ragging is always a black stain on the face of an Educational institution where friendship, collaboration, helping nature and humanity are such quality which are accepted to be built up among the students. To avoid such bad habits like teasing or ragging or harassing any student a committee has been formed. This anti –ragging committee will take proper step if such unexpected incidents occur with any student. Every student has the right to access and get help from the committee.
A student or his/her guardian (if such a situation arise) can contact the member of the committee over phone or email or directly.
Apart from this in according with the judgement of the honourable Supreme Court and the UGC norms every student has to submit an affidavit to the college authority at the time of admission that he or she will keep himself / herself aloof from such mischievous activities.

Sexual – Harassment Cell

Considering the present unpleasant situation like eve-teasing or sexual assault a Sexual Harassment cell has been formed in the college. This cell will take relevant step so that student of our college remain safe from any such harassment inside our college campus. If they feel any type of insecurity they or their guardians can take help of this committee.

Prize, Stipends and Memorial Awards

Prize and Memorial awards are given to inspire our student s to their various fields whether in education or in sports.

  • Prize is given to the topper in each Honours Subjects.
  • Prize is given to the topper among the general Students.
  • A special R.P. Sarkar Memorial Award is given by our Ex-Principal, Dr. H.P. Sarkar in the memory of his respected father to the student who scores highest marks from Honours Subject in the College.
  • Stipends are given to S.T., S.C., OBC and Minority Students.