A Short Profile

About Gourab Guin Memorial College The District of Medinipur in West Bengal is a nesting place of genius. Here were born Khsudiram Basu & Matangini Hazra who inspired hundred and thousands of people to care a fig for life and smilingly sacrifices their lives for the sake of our Country’s Freedom. On the other hand here was born Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar who became a pioneer in the field of Education in a realm of ignorance and illiteracy, always being an inspiration and ideal for all of us for his innovating schemes in the area of Child Education as well as Adult Education.
Despite all the facts stated above, the District of Medinipur, particularly Paschim Medinipur, has remained an Educationally Backward Area (Jangal Mahal) because of its geographical location. It is a border area adjacent to Jharkhand where also the light of knowledge and culture is no enkindled in an adequate manner. That is why it is also designated as Educationally Backward District as the Gross Enrolment Ratio in this district is much lower than the National Average. The scenario hardly argues well for an all-round and balanced development of this Educationally Backward District.
In this perspective, Gourav Guin Memorial College was established on 28th August, 2008 and she started her auspicious journey on the 1st day of September, 2008 after having received due permission from Higher Education Department of the Government of West Bengal (Dated 18th July, 2008) and also subsequently affiliated to Vidyasagar University (Dated 30th July, 2008) for the session 2008-2009 in order to meet the demands of the local people organized by an N.G.O. entitled ‘Chandrakona Road Social and Human Development Society’. Gourav Guin whose name of our College commemorates was a teen-aged boy who was unfortunately died a sad, premature death in the prime of his youth. May his departed soul rest in place and inspired hundreds and thousands of young boys and girls to become true human beings in the proper sense of the term.

The Mission of the College

Our Logo portrays an open book on learner’s hand which symbolises acquiring knowledge and the motto is taken from “The Upanishada”, “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye” which means ‘that is knowledge which liberates’, describes the mission of our college. Our soul become liberated from the darkness of ignorance and superstitions if we can avail of the light of knowledge. So our mission is to disseminate the light of knowledge among the young generation who are the future of our society and nation.

Goals and Objectives

  • Inspiring the students to become ideal citizens of the nation by making them aware of their glorious culture heritage and the rights from and duties to the society.
  • Offering scope for higher education to the people of walk of life irrespective of class, caste, creed or sex.
  • Preparing students with an eye to future examinations to avail themselves of the job opportunities.
  • Creating condition for the development of scientific attitude and environmental awareness among the students.
  • Generating interest in games and sports.
  • Nurturing such qualities as free thinking, innovation, discipline, fellow-feeling, patriotism, secular attitude etc.
  • Integrating the Institution with the society by incalculating a sense of inter-dependence of the two.
  • Building the Institution as an ideal place of learning and culture in the state as well as in the country.
  • A guide for the first generation learners and a model for value-oriented programmes.
  • Promoting General Enrolment Ratio (GER) in this Educationally Backward District.
  • Introducing innovative methods of evaluation.
  • Introducing Remedial Coaching for disadvantage sections of the Society.